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A wall feature personalises the interior and exterior of your homes, commercials or offices.

These wall are best created using Marble or Granite slabs. The natural coloration and pattern veins are not only able to beautifies the homes and offices, but it also impart the feeling of luxury and classiness.

The key to create a great wall feature is to choose an ideal combination of colours and surface textures that forms a unique design or effect which compliments with the right theme and furnishings.

Wall Feature

It can be as simple as a uniform single shade wall cladding pattern, or a complex, multi-colours and multi-textures design, both aimed to create a visual impact when someone enters a house or a room.

A brighter stone shade makes the room looks more spacious, whereas darker ones create a cosy and warm effect.

Some owners may even opt for different textures like uneven surfaces, honed, antique or sand blasting finishing to further enhance the overall appearance of these wall features.

Walls are very personal. Some they preferred a modern or contemporary outlook, whereas others may wanted it to be fashionable and lively atmosphere.

So whatever style that you decide, it needs to be a functional and aesthetically pleasing wall feature.

Wall Feature
Wall Feature
Wall Feature

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