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Kitchen Wall Tiles (Backsplash)

Thinking of renovating or remodelling your ideal kitchen?

There are number of ways that can bring beauty to your kitchen interior. Basically for kitchen wall tiles, we highly recommend Marble or Granite materials for many reasons.

  • Beauty, versatility and durability are the factors that describe these stone tiles.
  • Their hardness prevent moist or splits from entering the surface, and as a result, it inhibits germs growth.
  • The colours, shapes or design created from an array of stone types tiles can be implemented in a unique pattern, named backsplash.

Backsplash designs are basically works of art that embedded right onto the kitchen walls.

Normally a backsplash design is place between the kitchen countertops and cabinets.

Kitchen Wall Backsplash

3 backsplash ideas that transform your boring kitchen in to modern contemporary or decorative look and feel

  • Contemporary backsplash designs are for the modern style kitchens. Like most kitchen wall tiles, this design is most often monotones or single shade. But however, the natural coloration, veins and patterns of the marble or granite stones exhibit these kitchen walls to look more attractive, class, elegant and uniqueness as compare to dull and boring ceramic tiles.
  • Patterns or checkerboard backsplash design. This design type uses 2 or more different colours of uniform, or different square, or diamond tile sizes that are arrange together either horizontally or diagonally mosaics pattern along the kitchen walls. These colour selections can be either matches or contrast with the kitchen theme and floor tiles.
  • Alternatively, homeowners can add textures like polished, wavy edged, matted or honed finishing onto the tile surfaces to further enhance the stylishness of any kitchen wall designs, since tiles backsplash is an expression of creativity.
Kitchen Wall Backsplash
Kitchen Wall Backsplash
Kitchen Wall Tiles
Kitchen Wall Backsplash

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