Marble Table | Granite Table

All Great Memories Are Made Around The Table

Marble or Granite table top is one of the favourite furnishing items that easily creates a sense of luxury and elegant within a home or office.

Reasons why stone materials are ideal for any work top surfaces are because of its natural beauty, durability, heat and stain resistances.

Owners can custom-made these stone slabs into desire shapes or dimensions, using them for many practical end products or applications.

Table Top

Here are some of the examples on what Marble and Granite Slabs can do:

  • Custom table tops: coffee table and marble dining table of any size, colour, edges and shapes (a round, oval, square or rectangle shape)
  • Wall partition or Partition tables: full or semi height partition forming either a wall divider or display shelf.
  • Custom counters: like bar, reception, breakfast counters.
  • Speech console table and other commercial products.

These are exquisite piece of furniture that anyone would love to have.

The surface of the table top can also be crafted into custom graphic design using a waterjet cutter as well.

Table Top
Table Top
Table Top
Table Top

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