Marble Bathroom | Granite Bathroom

Fresh, Clean & Comfort Is All We Need At Bathroom

Bathroom is an important section of a house that people tend to overlook during house renovation. We may want to renovate or remodel our bathroom for any number of reasons. Basically we would like to have a bathroom which is functional and with design that suits us. And a nice bathroom needs nice tiles.

When most people are thinking of using natural Marble or Granite stones as the design elements for their bathroom, they in tend to relate this as the height of luxury, where high renovation cost is involved. And indeed, both Marble and Granite have been used for centuries and were costly during those days, yet they are still used today, but becoming more popular and much more affordable to own one, even for an ordinary house’s bathroom.


There are a few important factors to consider when you renovate or remodel your bathroom.

The stone tiles chosen during renovation should match with the theme of your house. Thus, variations of stone types, colours, texture and sizes will give us the flexibility when comes to the design of the bathroom.

A bathroom installed with Marble or Granite finishing is easy to clean and maintain. We can apply a transparent layer of wax like marble sealer or marble polisher on the vanity top to protect it from surface damage and stains. Thus, with a simple care to marble or granite, it will not require any remodelling or renovation in years to come.


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